African Mud Cloth Creation

The beauty of Mali’s handcrafted cloth, known locally as bogolan, and universally as African mud cloth is unmatched in the world.  This cloth has typically been used for an marketed as clothing but, with the recent popularity it is showing all over the world, it is now being crafted into such products as women’s purses, over-the-shoulder bags, wallets, and even children’s toys.

The Creation of African Mud Cloth

The African Mud cloth has been made for centuries in this region of the world.  Generally speaking, the men of this area will first weave the fabric and women then create the elaborate patterns that give this cloth its unique appearance and name.  These patterns, as the name of the cloth suggests, are made with various combinations of mud, plants, teas and wood from local villages.  These rich textures and earthen tones are sought after all over the world for their unique coloring and appearance.


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