Rebooting Society

Today, we find ourselves at a very precarious time in human history.  The excessive demands placed upon our natural resources have caused us to live in a fragile state of existence that will undoubtedly begin to crumble soon.  Our ballooning national deficit combined with an increasingly large and invasive national government has caused many to wake up and realize just what the future holds.  I’m proud of the National Geographic channel’s decision to step up and create a forum for the discussion of this issue through their popular television series Doomsday Preppers.

In a nutshell, this show demonstrates what many brave individuals across America are doing to prepare themselves and their families for the inevitable collapse of society.  From learning how to purify water and grow food, to learning how to fire a wide range of weapons and protect their homes, these people are ready for nearly anything.

Electrical symbols information: A Primer

“Do-It-Yourselfers” sometimes find themselves scratching their heads when electrical symbols information suddenly pop up on an instruction sheet or on a blueprint or chart. Yes, a legend is supplied – hopefully. But the terms used on that legend are likely not familiar to the average homeowner. Enrolling in an electricians class is usually not an option, so what is the best way forward? Let’s start at the beginning; familiarize yourself with the basic vocabulary you are sure to encounter but may need to brush up on. Terms are grouped by kind and in alphabetical order.


Transducer and Amplifiers

Transducer:  A transducer is used to change energy from one form to another.  A solar panel is a transducer; it changes solar energy to electricity.

Piezo transducer: A specific transducer that converts energy to sound; think of a doorbell.

Amplifier: An amplifier is used to increases the voltage, current, or power of a signal.



Capacitor: A capacitor stores an electric charge –like a battery. Though a capacitor does not produce new electrons, like batteries do.

Polarized Capacitor: A polarized capacitor has a positive terminal and a negative terminal.

Variable Capacitor: A variable capacitor is used in a radio tuner.

Trimmer Capacitor: A trimmer capacitor is a special kind of variable capacitor; it is permanently configured when created.



Diode: A diode controls the direction of the flow of electric energy.

LED (Light Emitted Diode): A semi-conductor diode that creates light.

Zener diode: A semi-conductor diode that has a special use; to regulate currents.

Photodiode: Simply a diode that is sensitive to light.


Meter: A meter simply measures something.

Voltmeter: A voltmeter measures voltage.

Anmeter: An ammeter measures currents.

Galvanometer: A galvanometer measures small currents.

Oscilloscope: An oscilloscope displays the shape of electrical signals and it can be used to measure their voltage.


Output Devices

Inductor: A coil of wire that creates a magnetic field when current passes through it.

Motor: A transducer that changes electrical energy into kinetic energy (motion).

Buzzer: A transducer that changes electrical energy into sound.



DC: DC stands for “direct current”. A direct current is always flowing in one direction.

AC: AC stands for alternating current. An alternating current always changes direction.

Transformer: A transformer refers to two wire coils that are connected by an iron core. Transformers are used to increase and step decrease AC voltages.

Ground: In electronics, a “ground” is an actual connection to the earth


Resistor: A resistor constrains the flow of current, for example to limit the current passing through an LED.

Variable Resistor: This type of variable resistor is usually used to control currents. They are used, for example, to control the brightness of a lamp.



Transistor: A transistor makes currents stronger. It can be used with other components to make an amplifier or switching circuit.

Phototransistor: A phototransistor is a light-sensitive transistor.


To Wrap Up

Review these terms before attempting to decipher the electrical symbol  information scattered all over your electrical diagram – you will know your diodes from your capacitors.

African Mud Cloth Creation

The beauty of Mali’s handcrafted cloth, known locally as bogolan, and universally as African mud cloth is unmatched in the world.  This cloth has typically been used for an marketed as clothing but, with the recent popularity it is showing all over the world, it is now being crafted into such products as women’s purses, over-the-shoulder bags, wallets, and even children’s toys.

The Creation of African Mud Cloth

The African Mud cloth has been made for centuries in this region of the world.  Generally speaking, the men of this area will first weave the fabric and women then create the elaborate patterns that give this cloth its unique appearance and name.  These patterns, as the name of the cloth suggests, are made with various combinations of mud, plants, teas and wood from local villages.  These rich textures and earthen tones are sought after all over the world for their unique coloring and appearance.


Benefits of Modafinil

Modafinil is a prescription drug that offers a range of benefits to people who suffer from narcolepsy, obstructive sleep apnea and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). If you have one or more of these serious health problems, speaking to your family doctor about Modafinil may be a very wise decision.  Your doctor will look at your medical history, symptoms, age, and other related criteria in order to determine whether or not this prescription medication will be of benefit to you.

Since Modafinil works without adverse side effects, such as nervousness and excess locomotor activity, it is often preferable to other medications prescribed for sleep disorders and mood disorders. Modafinil may also offer benefits to people who suffer from depression, Alzheimer’s Disease and other psychological and neurological disorders. This versatile drug increases wakefulness and mental alertness, while also providing a welcome boost in mood that may contribute to better quality of life.

There is a much cheaper version compared to the name brand “Provigil” called Modalert Modafinil. It is made in India because the the far less strict patent laws.

References: The Modafinil Store

Types of Crossfit Apparel

crossfit apparel

Quality Crossfit Apparel

If you want style, performance and quality, you need to find crossfit apparel that has all of the bells and whistles. Whether your style is basic and practical or fashionable and trendy, you’ll find that today’s sports apparel manufacturers provide a range of functional, attractive options. Men’s crossfit clothing includes nylon shorts that never chafe during exercise, soft, pure cotton crossfit t shirts or loose tank tops created with high-tech, breathable fabrics that wick away moisture.

Men may also choose warm-up pants and jackets that are perfect for outdoor workouts or for staying cozy after weightlifting in the gym. Women may select form-fitting workout pants, tank tops and hoodies made from cotton, Lycra, or thin fleece. Men’s and women’s styles may feature “crossfit” logos that let the world know that their wearers are devoted to doing crossfit workouts. However, crossfit apparel styles without logos or graphics are also available. They now offer some of the highest quality Reebok Crossfit shoes available anywhere.

Questions About High Risk Life Insurance

FAQ – High Risk Life Insurance Quotes

If you’re looking for high risk life insurance quotes that don’t bust your budget, you’ll enjoy learning some answers to the most frequently-asked questions about this type of life insurance. To help you learn everything that you need to know about high risk life insurance, we’ve compiled a question-and-answer guideline that will allow you to make a wise and informed decision about whether or not this form of life insurance is right for you.

Who Applies for High Risk Life Insurance?

There are two types of people who traditionally apply for high risk life insurance quotes and policies. The first types are people with pre-existing medical conditions, such as cancer or diabetes. Usually, people with these serious health conditions are not able to get life insurance via conventional policies. Instead, they are offered access to high risk life insurance rates that are significantly more expensive than what healthier people would pay.

While it’s a burden to carry the cost of high risk life insurance, it is a failsafe way to ensure that a beneficiary will be cared for in the event of your passing. Therefore, if you fall into this category, you should do a little comparison shopping online to see which policies offer the best prices and features. Some official insurance provider websites offer free online calculators that determine high risk life insurance quotes based on certain criteria, such as age, medical condition, whether or not a person smokes, etc.

The second type of people who apply for high risk life insurance quotes and policies are workers or hobbyists whose activities increase their risk of death. For example, pilots, oil and gas workers, and military personnel may be passed over for typical life insurance and directed towards high risk insurance. In addition, extreme sports enthusiasts, such as hang-gliders, sky-divers and drag racers may need to pay a higher price for insurance due to their desire for regular adrenaline rushes.

How Much is High Risk Life Insurance?

High risk life insurance quotes vary, depending on health conditions, age and so on. However, this type of life insurance will always cost a lot when compared with conventional term or permanent life insurance. The reason for the higher cost of life insurance is linked with the higher frequency of payouts for this type of insurance.

Since people who apply for high risk life insurance are more apt to pass away due their hobbies or health problems, insurance companies boost premiums to turn a profit. High risk life insurance quotes may be gauged via online calculators. As well, it’s possible to reach out to insurance agents online, or by phone, in order to get specific pricing information.

Where Do I Apply for High Risk Life Insurance?

You may apply for this type of life insurance online or via an insurance company in your own community. Some insurance companies don’t offer high risk life insurance rates to their clientele, so you may need to shop around a bit in order to find firms that provide this specialized service. In some cases, it may be possible to apply online in just a few minutes. Within days, you’ll know whether or not your application has been approved. For best results, choose an insurance company with a proven brand name and business reputation. Be wary of scams and shady operators.

DC – Inaugural parade tickets

A Unique D.C. Experience

The city of Washington D.C. represents many of the most unique values of American culture as well being one of the historic epicenters of the United States.  Very few locations across America can compare with the rich history and unique architectural monuments found on nearly every street corner of our nation’s capital.  Washington D.C. also plays host to a large number of foreign visitors each year who want to see the unique aspects of American culture and history from a first-hand perspective and see what it is that makes this country so unique.  From the Smithsonian museums, to the Washington monument and the White house, there is no shortage of historic landmarks packed into this small geographic area.

The Inaugural Parade

In addition to the myriad of museums, monuments, and parks, Washington D.C. also plays host several unique events.  One such event that is currently rapidly approaching is the upcoming inaugural parade in which the next president-elect will be sworn in as the newest President of the United States of America.  Regardless of whom you support in the upcoming presidential race, the inaugural parade represents a time for Americans of all political backgrounds to come together to welcome the new president into office amidst a day of fanfare and parties.  Each president attempts to tailor the inaugural parade to add their own unique personalities and values to the event.  For instance, when George W. Bush was inaugurated, he wanted to place special emphasis on the US armed forces.  Therefore, the parade associated with his inauguration actually contained the largest number of U.S. military members in our nation’s history.  Several months prior to the event, those wishing to attend should be on the look out for inauguration parade tickets in order to secure their spot at this historic opportunity.


Top-Notch Accommodations in Chiang Mai

Thailand is not only a stunningly beautiful country with a unique history and a progressive society; it is also a safe and affordable vacation destination for many Westerners looking to immerse themselves in Southeast Asian culture.  Chiang Mai, located in northern part of this gorgeous country, remains one of the top destinations to experience all that Thailand has to offer.

As a veteran tourist, I always recommend that travelers to this area check out Chiang Mai serviced rental apartments.  These rental apartments are filled with amenities and services including laundry, kitchens with microwaves, fully furnished bedroom suites, televisions, internet access, and massage therapy, among many others.  Since most of these serviced apartments are conveniently located close to local restaurants, museums, religious monuments as well as the bustling Chiang Mai bar and nightclub scene, they offer unprecedented convenient access to these areas at an extremely affordable price.

Our favorite spot is the Huay Kaew Residence Chiang Mai, which provides luxury at a great price.


Stop Teeth Grinding With A Custom Night Guard

How to Select a Custom Night Guard for Teeth Grinding

Teeth grinding is known by the medical name, Bruxism, and it affects millions of people all over the world. If you’re one of the many men and women who suffer from chronic or sporadic tooth grinding, you need expert health care in the form of a custom night guard for tooth grinding. While these mouth guards are available through dentists, dentists often charge upwards of four hundred dollars for the devices, and there is really no need to spend this kind of cash.

When you order a custom night guard for teeth grinding from, you’ll get a dentist-quality product for so much less, and your new mouth guard will protect you from the negative side effects of teeth grinding, including damage to your teeth and overworked jaw muscles that may make your face look much wider than you would like.

After ordering this product online, you’ll receive a molding kit that allows you to make a perfect impression of your teeth. Then, you’ll send your mold in to the professionals at ProTeethGuard. These pros will create a custom mouth guard that you may wear each night to stop teeth grinding. As you can see, there is a more affordable way to get superb protection and care, so why pay more than is necessary? To find out more, visit today.

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Muscle Building Supplements

Muscle Building Supplements Provide Your Body With The Needed Nutrients

Those who exercise in hopes of gaining muscle mass often use muscle building supplements in addition to their workouts and diets to see maximum results. Many supplements, including powders, shakes, and drinks, include protein as a main ingredient because our bodies need protein and calories to increase the size of our muscles. These types of supplements are best taken directly after a workout or with meals.

Using supplements can have dramatic effects that mirror those who take illicit substances, but muscle building supplements are safe and legal, and when used as directed, they can increase muscle size naturally. These types of supplements simply provide your body with the needed nutrients, vitamins, and minerals for building muscles, and your body does the rest during and after your workouts. Because bodybuilding supplements are not regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), research any supplements before taking them, and consult your doctor, nutritionist, or trainer to find out which supplements are right for your workout and diet.


Musca Law

Musca Law: A Proven Track Record And Convenient Locations

The punishment for criminal acts and DUIs can be devastating to person’s life, whether the person is guilty or innocent of the charges filed. The stigma of being accused can linger for years, and sentencing for those who are found guilty is not always fair as emotions can have a powerful impact on a courtroom. That is why it is imperative for anyone who is charged with a criminal act or a DUI to seek professional help. Musca Law is a law firm that employs only the most qualified criminal attorneys, so clients can rest a little easier knowing an experienced professional is looking out for them.

The help you receive at Musca Law can have a direct impact on your charges or trial. Nowhere will you find a group of people so dedicated to their clients when seeking justice. Attorneys are trained in cases involving assault and battery; DUI; drugs; federal offenses; violations of probation; theft; traffic incidents; violent crimes; and other offenses of a criminal nature. Everyone, guilty or innocent, who is charged with a criminal act or DUI should find counsel to ensure their rights are not infringed upon and that they are fully prepared for trial, if it comes to that. After all, throughout history innocent people have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned, and you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Reputation For Success

Television dramas portray winning and losing cases as a personal victory or failure, but the fact is that a law office’s case history is more like a résumé. You wouldn’t keep going to a mechanic who continually failed to fix your vehicle, and you wouldn’t see a doctor who was repeatedly sued for malpractice. These failures, whether personal or professional, matter when it’s your life on the line. No law firm should hide their track record from a client. At Musca Law, potential clients are able to view a variety of case results, so you can see the outcomes of different types of cases, such as those involving DUIs, thefts, and traffic offenses. These results are not guarantees, rather just a record of how past cases played out. The case results from drug-related offenses are notable, as nearly every case listed on the law firm’s website shows a no conviction, an innocent verdict, dropped charges, or reduced charges and sentences. This is exactly the kind of results a client wants to see before putting their trust, and money, into the  hands of a criminal defense attorney.


About Musca Law Attorneys

Musca Law doesn’t put your future in just one person’s hands. Using a team approach, the 16 members of the law firm work together on cases so that each individual’s strengths can be utilized. This means that more than 100 years of experience could be involved in a case, making the success of your defense more likely. With 67 office locations throughout the State of Florida, Musca Law makes finding a defense lawyer easy.

Law firms frequently require quality SEO services in order to attract customers. This can include a variety of high pr backlinks, content creation, guest posting, and a lot of white hat SEO work building quality backlinks. If you need lawyer SEO visit to learn more and get started with their quality lawyer SEO service.

Law Office of Jared Richards

Let The Law Office Of Jared Richards Represent You

Lawyers as a whole often have a poor reputation, but it is unfair to group honest, qualified professionals in with the “sharks.” After all, these individuals studied and worked very hard to learn the laws by which we are all governed, and it is that exact determination that the use to represent us every day. The need for a lawyer doesn’t always stem from wrongdoing – personal injury, probate, civil litigation, estate planning, and bankruptcy cases are all reasons to seek counsel, and the Law Office of Jared Richards can help in any of these cases.

Laws are not always easily defined. Some may have room for interpretation, and previous cases throughout history can set a precedence for a certain course of action, leniency, or verdict. It is the responsibility of the personal injury attorney to know the laws and precedences or know where to find them. Those involved with Richards & Associates, LLC, are experienced and dedicated to serving their clients in a respectful, professional manner that gets favorable results. With two convenient southern Nevada locations, Las Vegas and Henderson, the Law Office of Jared Richards focuses on laws and cases that can have a great affect on people. Generally, when an individual is in need of hiring a lawyer, something has gone wrong in their lives. Filing for bankruptcy, getting injured, and losing a loved one are emotional, stressful times in our lives. And although an attorney cannot turn back time, they can make the process easier to withstand and understand.


Services Provided

The Law Office of Jared Richards specializes in cases involving probate, estate planning, bankruptcy, civil litigation, and personal injury.

  • Probate: Nevada has certain laws that govern probate processes, and these statutes can be confusing and difficult to understand when trying to deal with the loss of a loved one. Probate attorneys are also consulted when relatives cannot agree on the distribution of a decedent’s property.
  • Estate Planning: It’s important to plan for your family in case the unthinkable happens, and it’s never to early to start. The Law Office of Jared Richards provides free, 30-minutes consultations on trusts, wills, living wills, powers of attorney, and asset protection.
  • Bankruptcy: Declaring bankruptcy is not something to be done on a whim. The firm can help you decide if it’s the right decision for your situation.
  • Civil Litigation: Civil disputes often go to court, and you’ll want to be represented by a knowledgeable professional if it comes to that.
  • Personal Injury: Vehicle accidents, malpractice, falling due to unsafe conditions, and dog bites are some of the personal injury cases the law firm accepts. The law firm does not collect a fee for personal injury cases unless they win.

A Law Firm Above The Rest

Las Vegas is filled with thousands of people doing the same types of jobs. So what makes the Law Office of Jared Richards any different from the multitude of other law firms in the area? They are confident professionals who use their skills, knowledge, and history of success to provide the best representation they can. The team is reliable, giving their all for every case, and with a free consultation, they can help you decide if representation is needed.

Clients of the Law Office of Jared Richards aren’t seen as paychecks – they’re people in trouble, who need help and guidance, and the law firm is ready to assist them. Contact Richards & Associates, LLC for more information.

IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency

IronMonk Offers Superior Web Development, SEO, And Social Marketing

In this day and age where not having a Facebook account can be considered suspicious, it’s no wonder that so many companies – from small businesses to large corporations – are seeking help for social media, blog development, and website content. It has become common that businesses without a strong web presence are snubbed, forgotten, or considered out of touch. But, creating and maintaining websites, social networking accounts, and blogs can be difficult when trying to run a successful business, especially small businesses where every decision can have a huge impact. That is why so many turn to web development businesses like IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency.

IronMonk’s services focus on developing content for websites, using Search Engine Optimization (SEO) so that your website is easier to find in search results through a higher ranking. IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency also provides social media marketing through Facebook and Twitter; and blog development for those who don’t already utilize blogs or for those who want to make their blogs return better results. Maintaining website content, including newsletters, blogs, and social networking accounts, is very important for any business. Customers and clients want to see new material added consistently, and blogs are an excellent way to continuously update your website without needing an overhaul. In addition to keeping your website fresh, IronMonk is able to help you organize and streamline your site for better readability and user focus. Successful websites focus on the user, customer, or client, rather than the company, making the site easy to use.

Web Services

IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency is comprised of an experienced team of web developers who specialize in creating and optimizing websites. Developers are capable of using a variety of database management systems and blogging tools such as PHP, MySQL, XHTML, XML, XSL, ASP, CSS, and Javascript, as well as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. But the agency doesn’t stop at back-end optimization and organization. They are qualified to help you with website layout as well as development, so that your site is user-friendly and unique, just like your business. And while these services are optimal for business exposure, personal, community, and dating websites and blogs can benefit from IronMonk as well.

Using the Internet as a website marketing tool is practically a no-brainer in today’s tech-obsessed society. The Internet provides unlimited access to the largest target audience possible at a fraction of the cost of running television or radio advertisements. And with self-translating web browser tools, businesses are no longer limited by a language barrier.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a phrase that is used quite often in web marketing and website content creation. The IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency is able to create content, or edit your current website content, in a way that will earn you higher search engine result rankings. Search engines, especially Google, rate websites on many aspects, but some of the most important features include original content and keywords. That means websites who copy content verbatim are ranked lower in that portion, and sites who overuse keywords (known as “spamming”) are ranked poorly in that portion as well. Website content development isn’t as easy as plugging in a few words and copying other sites, and the team at the IronMonk Social Media and Search Marketing Agency know this. They are experienced in developing the right type of website and quality copy that can return outstanding results1.


Free Standing Towel Racks

Keep Your Towel Dry And Sanitary With A Free-standing Towel Rack

free standing towel racks

Inadequate space for drying towels can lead to smelly, moldy, wet towels that don’t dry fast enough and can harbor bacteria. That’s not a pleasant thought to have when you’re drying your face in a towel, and it’s even less pleasant if the towel has a musty odor. Free-standing towel racks are the perfect solution for bathrooms that lack adequate towel racks, that are rented or leased and cannot be renovated, or that just don’t provide enough space for a wall-mounted rack, perfect examples and quality products are found at

Additional Towel Drying Space
Free-standing towel racks provide more area to drape towels than those that are mounted on the wall or door. This can come in handy whether you live alone, have frequent guests, or have a large family. Extra towels can be kept neatly on the towel rack so you aren’t sprinting down the hallway to the linen closet in the buff, and they are an elegant addition to any bathroom. And, in a pinch, free-standing towel racks can be used to hang wet clothes if the clothes drier is malfunctioning, already in use, or if you need to hang-dry delicates.

Amazing Features
There are few things as refreshing and relaxing as a warm towel after a shower or bath. Many models of heated free-standing towel racks are available to keep your towel toasty in the winter or warm and refreshing in the summer. Not only will the rack warm your towels, but it can decrease the dampness of a bathroom, keeping you warm and healthy. The majority of the racks can be connected directly to the electrical wiring (which hides unsightly wires and eliminates tripping) or adapted to a plug for traditional electrical sockets. Choose a towel rack with a timer to conserve energy yet ensure your towels are warm when you want to use them, or pick a rack that has an on/off switch implemented for complete control.

Plethora of Designs
Free-standing towel racks come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made out of wood, plastic, and metal. No matter what the décor is in your bathroom, there’s a rack to match. Simple stainless steel models can fade into the décor, while pewter racks with rounded bars can add accent and contrast to the room. Tall racks with a smaller width are perfect for small bathrooms or simple, modern décor. Wide racks offer room side-by-side and emphasize a country décor. Still, there are plenty of options for how many bars you need, the length of the bars (as some racks utilize multiple bar lengths for convenience and customization), the height and width of the rack itself, and the shape of the rack. Free-standing towel racks can lean against the wall similar to a ladder design, or they can stand alone on one, two, or four legs. Some racks, usually the ones with two or four legs, have bars that stretch across for towels to be draped, while racks that stand on one leg may have rods protruding outward at the top of the rack. All of these designs are meant to add beauty and convenience to any bathroom.

Best Halloween Costumes

Tips For Having The Best Halloween Costumes

best halloween costumes

When that spooky time of year comes, everyone wants to have the best Halloween costumes, but as we all have experienced, even the greatest of ideas can end up a complete failure. Whether the costume was too big, too bulky, or too heavy, some ideas can miss the mark. So, here are some tips for creating the best Halloween costumes.

    • Be original and creative. Improvise where you must, but plan out your costume at least a month in advance so you can get all the materials you need.
    • Avoid the latest trend. Trends result in millions of the same characters – don’t be one of them unless you can stand out.
    • Consider the venue. Trick-or-treating and parties are completely different environments. What works well in an open area for going door-to-door may prove to be too much at a house party.
    • Be witty, be funny, be nostalgic, be creative, but more importantly, have fun with your costume. If you aren’t happy and comfortable, the night will be a drag. Clients Clients:   Using Endless Blue for All Your IT Needs

Endless Blue is a great new company in the IT industry.  The company specializes in a wide range of services, such as web design and programming, but focuses mainly on the IT industry.  Information technology is more important now then it ever has been, due to the nature and need of information in an online marketplace, and Endless Blue is a company that knows this.  The company first started its journey as an IT service in Serbia way back in the year 2000.  Since then, Endless Blue has expanded into both Seychelles and Australia and are looking to expand to more countries in the near future.

What do clients like the most about the IT services they are provided.  Indeed, this may be a loaded question, but it is loaded in the best way possible.  For example, just look at the motto and mission statement that is given to all clients upon signing up for the services.  A few notable aspects of this motto are:

  • The solutions are focused on fulfilling the complete business needs.  What this essential means is that clients can expect service that goes above and beyond the call duty.  In other words, expect service that is very personal and very set to the specific needs of a business.
  • Because the company is a such a new one, it has the benefit of being able to look at problems differently.  Thinking outside the box, especially in the IT industry, is essential for being able to stay in the box.
  • clients can expect the services they receive to cover all the bases.  For instance, Endless Blue looks to maximize efficiency, improve productivity, as well as create security that is strong (and doesn’t stretch the budget too far).