DC – Inaugural parade tickets

A Unique D.C. Experience

The city of Washington D.C. represents many of the most unique values of American culture as well being one of the historic epicenters of the United States.  Very few locations across America can compare with the rich history and unique architectural monuments found on nearly every street corner of our nation’s capital.  Washington D.C. also plays host to a large number of foreign visitors each year who want to see the unique aspects of American culture and history from a first-hand perspective and see what it is that makes this country so unique.  From the Smithsonian museums, to the Washington monument and the White house, there is no shortage of historic landmarks packed into this small geographic area.

The Inaugural Parade

In addition to the myriad of museums, monuments, and parks, Washington D.C. also plays host several unique events.  One such event that is currently rapidly approaching is the upcoming inaugural parade in which the next president-elect will be sworn in as the newest President of the United States of America.  Regardless of whom you support in the upcoming presidential race, the inaugural parade represents a time for Americans of all political backgrounds to come together to welcome the new president into office amidst a day of fanfare and parties.  Each president attempts to tailor the inaugural parade to add their own unique personalities and values to the event.  For instance, when George W. Bush was inaugurated, he wanted to place special emphasis on the US armed forces.  Therefore, the parade associated with his inauguration actually contained the largest number of U.S. military members in our nation’s history.  Several months prior to the event, those wishing to attend should be on the look out for inauguration parade tickets in order to secure their spot at this historic opportunity.


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