Jailbreak iPhone 4s

iphone 4s jailbreak


Years ago, when you heard about a jailbreak, it is likely that you would have run to get your gun and/or make sure that every member of your family is safely enclosed behind bolted doors! However, times and techniques have changed immensely over the years, and the jailbreaks we will speak of here, have nothing to do with illegal activities, law enforcement or jail cells. But what exactly is the iPhone 4S and why the need to break it out of jail?

Jailbreak iphone 4s now

The iPhone 4S

According to Wikipedia.org, this is a “touch screen-based smart phone developed by Apple Inc…and was announced on October 4, 2011”. On October 14, 2011 the iPhone4s became available to its prospective users in the Untied States, Canada, Australia, England, Germany, Japan and France. A few days later, it became available in twenty-two more countries.

The outer features of the iPhone 4S are much like that of its predecessor, the iPhone4, but it also “hosts improved hardware specifications and software updates”. A voice recognition feature (Siri), iCloud, a new camera and improved processing speeds are also contained in the iPhone 4S. Siri allows you to ask questions of or give commands to the 4S, to which it will promptly respond! This makes it easier for you to use this phone while driving or exercising. Thus, if you are troubled by poor vision or have trouble typing, you will find it more comfortable to use.  You may watch movies and television shows, play music, download and read ebooks, and enjoy many other fun activities using this device.

With these extraordinary features, it was no surprise that four million units of the 4S were sold in the first three days of its release. But what if you love the 4S phone but hate long contracts?

iphone4s jailbreak

Unlocked 4S phones

On November 11, 2011, unlocked or contract-free 4S phones became available for users in the United States. You may find the unlocked option on the Apple website. Unlocked iPhones contain all the features of the regular phone but without a contract commitment. If you hate long contracts and wish to use your local provider while on vacation abroad, the unlocked iPhone is your best choice.

Jail breaking it

In this new age of telephone devices, unlocking has now become a synonym of jail breaking. But while the criminal jail breaker seeks freedom he most often does not deserve, the phone jail breaker seeks freedom from being locked into using one contracted carrier.

“Jail breaking” is a term currently used to describe a method (or methods) used to unlock devices like the iphone 4s, so that you (the user) are no longer locked in to your first or primary service provider. Thus, you will be free to download and use several other cheap or free applications from legal third party market places. Your ios is thereby modified to run an unsigned code to enable you to have access to files which, under normal circumstances, you would not have.

Jail breaking also gives access to tweaks and extension which may not necessarily be considered applications. Further, it can improve the way your ios device operates and a five icon switch in an iphone application can add as many as five icons all at once. A jail broken device may be used to work with any carrier outside of the one you are contracted with. Have the iPhone 5? Check our article.

Unlocking the iOS 6.0.1

Pro et contra is a special feature for unlocking the iOS 6.0.1 device. The Pro et Contra development team has recently released an updated version of this feature which may also be used to jail break the ipone5, 4S and 4 iOS 6.0.1 and 3Gs iOS 6.0.1. This utility will perform an untethered jailbreak, which means that you can reboot the device even if it is not tethered to you. No activation of the utility is required but you must activate your iPhone before using it. If you have been using iPhone 4S and 4/3GS and have been using software unlocking, you may now update to iOS 6.0.1.

Formerly, when the iOS 6.0.1. was unlocked once, it would have to remain jail broken until a software application was used to restore or update it. With “Our Solution” – another unlocking utility – your jailbreak for iPhone 4S and 3/4G devices will be permanent. This is known as an untethered permanent jail break and it may be used with any carrier service provider.

jailbreak iphone 4s

If, at this particular point in time, you want a carrier unlock, it is strongly recommended that wait until next year when the one of the development teams will supply a tool which will create custom IPSW files capable of unlocking your iPhone. If you choose to update to 6.1 now, all the jailbreak software on your phone may be erased.


This is another new product which may be used to unlock the 4S phone. The release of Absinthe has been the result of collaboration between Chronic-Dev and iPhone Dev Teams. Together, these are known as the “Jail Break Dream Team”.

All these devices mentioned above may also be used in jail breaking other phones such as the iPhone5, or 3G.


Jailbreak iPhone 4s


Having examined the advantages of having an unlocked phone, not tethered to any one carrier, let us look at the cost of this great service. As we all know, nothing is free, right?

When you compare the price of a locked phone to an unlocked one, the difference can be a large as $115 to $470. This makes the difference in value of each, clearly obvious. You make also choose to unlock the phone you now have and that should cost somewhere in the region of Twenty to Twenty-five Dollars. A code to unlock your iPhone 4S may be bought online for at little as Six Dollars.


A small price to pay for fun and convenience, wouldn’t you say? With your unlocked phone it will be possible for you to use any gsm SIM card anywhere in the world.


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