Jailbreak iPhone 5

How to Jailbreak the iPhone 5

Jailbreak iPhone 5

Is your Inner Gamer Satisfied with Your Mobile Device? Not Until You Jailbreak iPhone 5!

There are so many great reasons to jailbreak iPhone 5 mobile devices that you really can’t find many reasons not to. If you haven’t been convinced to do it yet, what if someone told you that you could have access to literally thousands of hours (and dollars – in late 90’s dollars, that is) worth of Playstation games at your fingertips – just a tap away – while you are on the go? Remember the first Grand Theft Auto? Wouldn’t it be great to bust that out during the next meeting and pretend that you are following along with the power point and the blah blah blah while you race around and cause some old school mayhem? After jailbreaking your iPhone 5, all you need is an emulator (easier than finding cute kittens and insurance rates on the net), some are free and some are not for free – but the price of an emulator is a steal no matter what because the games (in rom form) are usually easy to locate on the net for no cost to you. But iPhone 5 might not always be the way to go, says YAHOO

iPhone 5 Jailbreak Method


Choosing the right program to Jailbreak iPhone 5

Well, asking which one is the best is kind of like trying to decide what outfit would be best to wear year-round in a temperate climate; the program you choose is going to be the one that suits your needs best while you are using them. Some of the most popular jail break software applications around now are:
• Cydia: Helps you find whatever apps you need on your jailbroken iPhone, and helps you install them too
• Absinthe: a jailbreak program especially popular on the iPhone 4s
• Redsnow: another jailbreak option, usually tethered
• Greenpois0n: an untethered jailbreak that has been used on iPads
That is, of course, not a comprehensive list of all of the different types of software available to use to unlock your iPhone 5. It pays to stay up to date with the technology, as iOS 6 (both iOS 6.0.1 and iOS 6.0.2) has updated in ways that made some of the older versions of jailbreaking programs obsolete. But, never fear, once you have found the version and additional support that fits you best, you can thank the dev team of your choice once you find a good how to guide and get all of your ducks in a row. There’s no secret code or ultimate guide to figuring out what works for you – it will be a trial and error process that is worth it in the end.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

Now that you have unlocked your iPhone 5, what’s next?

Now that you are on your way to installing the Playstation console emulator that will work best for you, you can start thinking of all the games you miss the most from the old PS1 days. Most of the emulators are only going to be different in the ways that you use them – that is, what type of set up you like best and what GUI (graphical user interface) is most appealing and convenient for you. Some of the most popular emus that have been around for awhile are:
• Psx4iPhone
• ZodTTD
• Psx4all
A quick search for Playstation emulators will have you up and running in no time. But, after you get the emulator picked out that works best for you, there is still one more step: You need games! The games that you use for your Playstation emulator come in form of roms. There is no clear and easy way to get ahold of the roms for the titles you want – it does take some searching. Don’t let that become discouraging though. They are out there, and they are not too hard to find. Some torrents will have bundles of them that you can grab all at once, and some will be more of a piecemeal pick and choose. The important thing to remember is that no self-respecting gamer / rom creator will try to charge you for what they know other people have created for free – so don’t pay any price for the roms.

But the App Store already has Games… why even bother to jailbreak iPhone 5?

Oh ye of little faith – and common sense. The App Store has the games that went through a lengthy process of obtaining from developers and companies that need to get paid. It is that simple. You might find ONE game that you like through the app store – and then you will figure out it is not for free. Those games come at a high price simply because people keep paying for them. Imagine being in a rose garden surrounded by all kinds of well-kept and cared for rose bushes. The app store is like that guy standing by one bush trying to sell you the rose he thinks is best for you – and his wallet. Jailbreaking your iPhone 5 and getting an emulator is like someone handing you the shears to go out and cut as many roses as you want without forking over all of your cash just to take something that someone else thinks is best for you. Sure, it takes a little reading up on the subject, and you might have heard that you can hurt your phone by jailbreaking it (not true if you do the aforementioned reading up), but you don’t have to live under that kind of oppression anymore.

jailbreak iphone 5

What else can you do if you jailbreak iPhone 5?

Speaking of oppression, there are lots of features that you are missing out on if you continue to use your stock iPhone as is. For instance, when you find all the Playstation roms you want, you will need a place to store them. Jailbroken iPhone 5’s also allow you to download and install digital storage solutions to manage your memory and files in ways that are not possible with locked phones. You can also get awesome backgrounds, unlock screens, widgets, and – one of the most impressive aspects of having an unlocked iPhone – you can turn your iPhone into a 3g hotspot without having to pay your carrier (but watch out if you don’t have unlimited data!). Give it a try, you can just dip your toes and try a tethered version of one of the jail break programs just to see what it is like – or, you can jump in headfirst and really take advantage of all of your phone’s hardware and software potential by going untethered and totally mobile.

iPhone 5 Jailbreak

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