Free Standing Towel Racks

Keep Your Towel Dry And Sanitary With A Free-standing Towel Rack

free standing towel racks

Inadequate space for drying towels can lead to smelly, moldy, wet towels that don’t dry fast enough and can harbor bacteria. That’s not a pleasant thought to have when you’re drying your face in a towel, and it’s even less pleasant if the towel has a musty odor. Free-standing towel racks are the perfect solution for bathrooms that lack adequate towel racks, that are rented or leased and cannot be renovated, or that just don’t provide enough space for a wall-mounted rack, perfect examples and quality products are found at

Additional Towel Drying Space
Free-standing towel racks provide more area to drape towels than those that are mounted on the wall or door. This can come in handy whether you live alone, have frequent guests, or have a large family. Extra towels can be kept neatly on the towel rack so you aren’t sprinting down the hallway to the linen closet in the buff, and they are an elegant addition to any bathroom. And, in a pinch, free-standing towel racks can be used to hang wet clothes if the clothes drier is malfunctioning, already in use, or if you need to hang-dry delicates.

Amazing Features
There are few things as refreshing and relaxing as a warm towel after a shower or bath. Many models of heated free-standing towel racks are available to keep your towel toasty in the winter or warm and refreshing in the summer. Not only will the rack warm your towels, but it can decrease the dampness of a bathroom, keeping you warm and healthy. The majority of the racks can be connected directly to the electrical wiring (which hides unsightly wires and eliminates tripping) or adapted to a plug for traditional electrical sockets. Choose a towel rack with a timer to conserve energy yet ensure your towels are warm when you want to use them, or pick a rack that has an on/off switch implemented for complete control.

Plethora of Designs
Free-standing towel racks come in all shapes and sizes, and can be made out of wood, plastic, and metal. No matter what the décor is in your bathroom, there’s a rack to match. Simple stainless steel models can fade into the décor, while pewter racks with rounded bars can add accent and contrast to the room. Tall racks with a smaller width are perfect for small bathrooms or simple, modern décor. Wide racks offer room side-by-side and emphasize a country décor. Still, there are plenty of options for how many bars you need, the length of the bars (as some racks utilize multiple bar lengths for convenience and customization), the height and width of the rack itself, and the shape of the rack. Free-standing towel racks can lean against the wall similar to a ladder design, or they can stand alone on one, two, or four legs. Some racks, usually the ones with two or four legs, have bars that stretch across for towels to be draped, while racks that stand on one leg may have rods protruding outward at the top of the rack. All of these designs are meant to add beauty and convenience to any bathroom.