Top-Notch Accommodations in Chiang Mai

Thailand is not only a stunningly beautiful country with a unique history and a progressive society; it is also a safe and affordable vacation destination for many Westerners looking to immerse themselves in Southeast Asian culture.  Chiang Mai, located in northern part of this gorgeous country, remains one of the top destinations to experience all that Thailand has to offer.

As a veteran tourist, I always recommend that travelers to this area check out Chiang Mai serviced rental apartments.  These rental apartments are filled with amenities and services including laundry, kitchens with microwaves, fully furnished bedroom suites, televisions, internet access, and massage therapy, among many others.  Since most of these serviced apartments are conveniently located close to local restaurants, museums, religious monuments as well as the bustling Chiang Mai bar and nightclub scene, they offer unprecedented convenient access to these areas at an extremely affordable price.

Our favorite spot is the Huay Kaew Residence Chiang Mai, which provides luxury at a great price.