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Musca Law: A Proven Track Record And Convenient Locations

The punishment for criminal acts and DUIs can be devastating to person’s life, whether the person is guilty or innocent of the charges filed. The stigma of being accused can linger for years, and sentencing for those who are found guilty is not always fair as emotions can have a powerful impact on a courtroom. That is why it is imperative for anyone who is charged with a criminal act or a DUI to seek professional help. Musca Law is a law firm that employs only the most qualified criminal attorneys, so clients can rest a little easier knowing an experienced professional is looking out for them.

The help you receive at Musca Law can have a direct impact on your charges or trial. Nowhere will you find a group of people so dedicated to their clients when seeking justice. Attorneys are trained in cases involving assault and battery; DUI; drugs; federal offenses; violations of probation; theft; traffic incidents; violent crimes; and other offenses of a criminal nature. Everyone, guilty or innocent, who is charged with a criminal act or DUI should find counsel to ensure their rights are not infringed upon and that they are fully prepared for trial, if it comes to that. After all, throughout history innocent people have been wrongfully accused and imprisoned, and you certainly don’t want that to happen to you.

Reputation For Success

Television dramas portray winning and losing cases as a personal victory or failure, but the fact is that a law office’s case history is more like a résumé. You wouldn’t keep going to a mechanic who continually failed to fix your vehicle, and you wouldn’t see a doctor who was repeatedly sued for malpractice. These failures, whether personal or professional, matter when it’s your life on the line. No law firm should hide their track record from a client. At Musca Law, potential clients are able to view a variety of case results, so you can see the outcomes of different types of cases, such as those involving DUIs, thefts, and traffic offenses. These results are not guarantees, rather just a record of how past cases played out. The case results from drug-related offenses are notable, as nearly every case listed on the law firm’s website shows a no conviction, an innocent verdict, dropped charges, or reduced charges and sentences. This is exactly the kind of results a client wants to see before putting their trust, and money, into the  hands of a criminal defense attorney.


About Musca Law Attorneys

Musca Law doesn’t put your future in just one person’s hands. Using a team approach, the 16 members of the law firm work together on cases so that each individual’s strengths can be utilized. This means that more than 100 years of experience could be involved in a case, making the success of your defense more likely. With 67 office locations throughout the State of Florida, Musca Law makes finding a defense lawyer easy.

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